LMS Known Issues

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Group Member Import fails with Access Denied error

When staff attempt to import a large (>150 users) group membership .CSV file they receive an Access Denied error. This is an intermittent error, not occurring for all subjects. Blackboard are aware of the issue, which is not scheduled to be resolved until SP17 (estimated 2015).

Workaround: Upload CSV files containing < 150 students.

Internet Explorer 11 crashes when Edit Mode is On

A recent security update to Internet Explorer 11 causes it to crash when entering a subject with Edit Mode on. Although IE11 is not a supported browser, all other aspects of the LMS will work as expected. Students are not affected.

Workaround: Use another browser to edit subjects.

Subject Menu Web Links

Some Web Links in the Subject Menu may display a blank page instead of the chosen URL.

Workaround: Ensure Edit Mode is ON. Click the downward pointing arrow to the right of the Web Link. Select 'Set Link to Open in a New Window'.

If you encounter any other issues with external links, see External content in the LMS post upgrade.

Respondus can't publish to LMS after February maintenance

During the Feb 2014 LMS maintenance window, the LMS was upgraded to use full SSL. Staff who had set up Respondus for publishing to the LMS prior to this upgrade will not be able to upload tests from Respondus due to the change in security. The publishing settings in Respondus must be updated to use port 443 instead of port 80. The preconfigured settings for the institution have been updated so users need to download and apply these settings.

Solution: On the 'Publish to Blackboard' interface, click 'Edit Settings', confirm the option for 'Download the preconfigured server settings for University of Melbourne' is selected, then click 'Next'.

No longer able to make links to sign-up group on content pages

Staff used to be able to create a link to a sign-up group on a content page. When students clicked the link, if they were not a member of the group, they were prompted to be able to sign-up to the group. Now if students click a sign-up group link and are not a member they see a red error banner.

Workaround: Create a link to the Groups tool (not the individual sign-up group) on either the subject menu or content page and have students sign-up via that link.

Turnitin GradeMark and Chrome

The latest update from Turnitin has issues with some versions of Chrome. An error pops up saying 'Unresponsive' when in GradeMark of Turnitin and gives the choice to 'Kill pages' or 'Wait', but nothing happens.

Users also may not be able to click on the bottom half of the symbols for quickmarks, general comments, comment list and rubrics.

Workaround: Update Chrome to the latest version or use a different browser.

LTI Tool Provider link descriptions must be plain text

When creating a link from the LMS to an integrated tool using the Tool Provider functionality (eg: linking to PRAZE), the description text is sent as a parameter in the 'handshake' between the two systems. If the description contains HTML tags (due to formatted text), the 'handshake' will fail and the link will not work as expected. The text editor in the LMS adds HTML tags automatically when multiple lines of text are typed, so the description must be a single line of non-formatted text. This is a known issue documented by the vendor and scheduled to be resolved in a future Service Pack.

Grades are not available through Bb Mobile app

There is a current issue with the mobile app, and grades are not available for students. We are aware of the issue and are working with the software vendor to resolve it as soon as possible.

Workaround: Students are still able to view My Grades through a browser. This includes a mobile browser like Safari or Chrome.

Group management - import users

When importing a group using a CSV file in the Bulk Group Management tool, the group code needs to exactly match the ones created in Blackboard. During group creation, some groups include a '_gc_' in their code (e.g., Tutorial_gc_1) which is not immediately obvious to the casual observer. This can result in the import attempt failing to update the group membership/properties.

Workaround: Either

  1. hover the mouse over the existing groups list and note the code that appears in the lower left of the screen, or
  2. export the existing groups as a CSV file to view the full existing group codes.

Group assignments need to be made unavailable during marking

If a group assignment is still available within the subject when staff start marking, students will be able to open the assignment again and see their grades and feedback, even if this column has been hidden from students in the Grade Centre.

Workaround: Edit the group assignment and make it unavailable to students once assignments have been submitted and before marking takes place.

Changing names of Groups creates duplicate wikis/blogs/journals/podcast feeds

Once you have created groups and made blogs, wikis or podcast feeds based on those groups, revising any group name may result in members of the same group seeing different content. Enrolled group members may:

  1. be restricted to the earliest version and unable to access recent posts, or
  2. be restricted to the latest version and unable to access previous posts, or
  3. be unable to access any of the group blogs/wikis/podcast feeds.

This is a technical issue currently under investigation through consultation with the software provider.

Workaround: Don't change the group names once they have been created. If you have encountered any of these issues in your subject, please contact the Academic & Learning Systems Support team.