LMS maintenance schedule - 2014

Six LMS maintenance windows have been scheduled during 2014 to allow for any planned system updates or technical fixes to be applied to the LMS. These may result in the LMS being unavailable for several hours. The dates have been scheduled to minimise any impact on teaching and learning and are based on the 2014 University academic calendar.
They have been authorised by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).

Outages typically begin at 9am and take only one day, but an extended period is scheduled for more complex work, if required.

The LMS will be unavailable for the least amount of time possible.

A reminder notice of each outage will be provided at least 10 working days in advance.

  1. Saturday 18th January - Sunday 19th January
  2. Saturday 1st February - Sunday 2nd February
  3. Saturday 22nd March - Sunday 23rd March
  4. Monday 7th July - Tuesday 8th July
  5. Saturday 20th September - Sunday 21st September
  6. Monday 8th December - Tuesday 9th December

LMS maintenance schedule - 2013

  1. Saturday 2nd February - Sunday 3rd February
  2. Thursday 11th July - Friday 12th July
  3. Saturday 28th September - Sunday 29th September
  4. Saturday 23rd November - Sunday 24th November

LMS maintenance schedule - 2012

  1. Saturday 21st January - Sunday 22nd January
  2. Saturday 21st April - Sunday 22nd April
  3. Saturday 23rd June - Sunday 24th June
  4. Saturday 29th September - Sunday 30th September
  5. Saturday 24th November - Sunday 25th November