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Enhancing learning online

The use of online environments such as the LMS in teaching and learning is recognised at the University of Melbourne as being crucial to provide students with access to information and resources to support their learning, and to technologies that enable online collaboration and interaction.

Expert support for teaching staff in the design, planning, creation and enrichment of subject websites on the LMS, is available through a range of resources and services as listed below.

LMS framework
The LMS framework provides a map of the various purposes for which a subject website might be used. Creating Effective Websites for University Teaching is a practical guide to assist with curriculum design and subject site planning.
LMS Enrichment & Innovation
Supports the enhancement of LMS subject presence through interactive multimedia design and development to enrich the online learning experience. Areas of expertise include the creative design of LMS subject templates, considered approaches to the appropriate use of rich media such as interface design, QuickTime video and audio, podcasts, digital imagery, flash animations and graphic design elements.
eLearning resources
Looking ahead on the eLearning horizon, this extensive list of resources presents contemporary ideas and insight into the use of online technologies and initiatives from around the world.
eLearning project reports
TV and radio recordings
Digital Media Services provides a television and radio recording service for the LMS.
Academic staff can request upcoming programmes or choose from over 1500 television and radio recordings currently available for inclusion in Readings Online and the Digital Repository.
Useful resources to support learning for students. AIRport provides a range of online interactive materials to improve students' academic writing, study skills and transition to University. The resources are of particular benefit to new students, international students and students from non-English speaking backgrounds. Access to these resources can be created by adding a direct link to AIRport from your LMS subject site menu.
Resources for every stage of a graduate student's academic journey. Everything from getting started and getting organised through research and writing to what's next? Access to these resources can be created by adding a direct link to CourseWorks from your LMS subject site menu.
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