Learning Environments Learning Management System

Staff resources

Workshops and events
Training and support activities including a range of specialised and customisable LMS workshops to suit, regular drop-in events, lunchtime forums and seminars highlighting specific LMS features.
Copyright and the LMS
Staff and students using the LMS must abide by copyright. Advice and examples specific to the LMS are provided.
Playpen subject
A 'playpen' account is a space to design and develop an LMS subject site using the full range of content, communication and collaborative and assessment features, and invite other staff in to review and participate.
Student View account
A 'Student View' account enables you to see your LMS subjects as a student would – a very useful feature in ensuring readiness of subject items for students.
LMS Academic Support team
The LMS Academic Support team provides support for staff adopting the use of learning and teaching technologies in their subjects. Primarily this includes the LMS, a suite of tools and functionality the core of which is the Blackboard Learning, Content and Community systems.
Subject nominations in the LMS
Subject nominations are now open for semester 2 LMS subjects, find out more about the process, how to nominate a subject and other helpful tips.
LMS representatives
Each Faculty has a Dean’s nominated LMS representative liaising with the LMS Academic Support team.
The LMS Academic Support team is interested in your suggestions for further improvements to the use of the LMS in your teaching and learning. Let us know your idea via the online form.
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