Browser settings

For the LMS to function correctly, your browser should have certain capabilities. This page performs a number of simple tests to help you assess your browser's suitability for use with the LMS.

Browser compatibility report

Recommended browsers

Check your browser version.

The following information has been sourced from the Blackboard Support website.

These browsers are supported in the LMS
Chrome 34
Firefox 24
Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11
Safari 6 and 7

Note: Browsers are changing all the time. While the latest release of each browser may not be listed here, in most cases new versions will function normally with the LMS. If you have a specific query about an issue with your browser and the LMS, please let us know.

These browsers/technologies are NOT SUPPORTED in the LMS
Internet Explorer 8 and below
Firefox 23 and below
Chrome 29 and below
Safari 5 (or any version on Windows) and below
Java 5 and below