LMS Known Issues

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Wiki pages limited to 200 kb

When the size of a wiki page exceeds 200 kb, the page is rendered blank with no content. This can happen when wiki pages are edited multiple times or built at a single point.

If students view the history of the wiki page, the latest version would display a size '0 kb'. In this instance, staff are able to delete the latest 'blank' version and return the wiki page to its previously saved version.

Workaround: Move some content of the wiki page to a new wiki page

Group management - import users

When importing a group using a CSV file in the Bulk Group Management tool, the group code needs to exactly match the ones created in Blackboard. During group creation, some groups include a '_gc_' in their code (e.g., Tutorial_gc_1) which is not immediately obvious to the casual observer. This can result in the import attempt failing to update the group membership/properties.

Workaround: Either

  1. hover the mouse over the existing groups list and note the code that appears in the lower left of the screen, or
  2. export the existing groups as a CSV file to view the full existing group codes.

Subject Reports issue

Subject reports are not currently working as expected and will return a blank report if it is run against a large number of students. Blackboard engineers are aware of this issue and it will be fixed in a future update.

Workaround: Run subject reports in small batches of less than 20 users.

Announcement emails do not display the sender's address

LMS Announcements that are emailed to the members of a subject or community will show '' as the sender address. Recipients can reply to these emails, when clicking reply the correct address will be shown.

Workaround: If it is important that the announcement emails show the sender's name, emails can be sent from the Send Email tool in the LMS and the same text can be pasted into an Announcement.

Java-based applets fail in Chrome 42

The Chrome browser is removing support for tools that use the NPAPI system. In Blackboard this includes drag-and-drop file upload, Virtual Classroom, Chat and some older SCORM objects.

Workaround: Versions of Chrome up to 45 (due in September 2015) can have this feature re-enabled. Users can also use a different browser for these tools. There is currently no timeframe for these issues being fixed in Blackboard.

New SlideShare mashups cannot be viewed

When a staff member creates a SlideShare presentation the 'Watch presentation' link greys out the screen, rather than showing the presentation.

Workaround: When adding a SlideShare choose 'Embed Presentation' from the View dropdown list instead of 'Thumbnail'.

Test results do not display in some browsers

When a student completes a test and clicks OK, the test results should display. When the test has been set to open in a new page, in some browsers nothing happens when clicking OK. Affected browsers are some versions of Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. Firefox works correctly.

Workaround: Return to the Test or Click on My Grades to view the test results, or use a Firefox browser.

Blackboard Assignments: New delegated and anonymous grading options

There are known issues affecting particular combinations of the new anonymous and/or delegated grading options that may affect grade centre display. We do not recommend using using these options at this time see the anonymous and delegated grading guide.

Hotspot questions not able to be clicked

When answering a Hotspot question the X does not display where the cursor was clicked.This issue is encountered when using Internet Explorer and Chrome (When the page Zoom is greater or less than 100%)

Workaround: Staff should advise students to use Firefox when attempting tests that contain Hotspot questions or return the browser zoom to 100% before answering Hot Spot questions.

Turnitin iPad app does not load assignments with > 300 submissions

If using the latest version of the Turnitin iPad app (1.3.0) the wait icon just spins endlessly for assignments with > 300 submissions.

Some earlier versions of the app show an error: "GradeMark Unavailable - Turnitin for iPad cannot be used for this assignment because GradeMark is currently unavailable for this class."

Work around: Use a computer with browser to mark the Turnitin assignment.

Pasting text in Firefox

Users are unable to copy (ctrl-c) and paste (ctrl-v) content within Firefox in the visual text box editor.


  1. Paste the text into another program, like a text editor, then copy it again from that program and paste it into the Content Editor
  2. Use a different browser
  3. Make changes to the advanced configuration in Firefox:
    1. Open Firefox
    2. Type about:config into the address bar
    3. Search for 'dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled'
    4. Double click the search result item to toggle value from 'true' to 'false'

Group Member Import fails with Access Denied error

When staff attempt to import a large (>150 users) group membership .CSV file they receive an Access Denied error. This is an intermittent error, not occurring for all subjects. Blackboard are aware of the issue, which is not scheduled to be resolved until SP17 (estimated 2015).

Workaround: Upload CSV files containing < 150 students.

Assignments need to be made unavailable during marking

If an assignment remains available to students while marking, even if the grade centre column has been hidden, students will be able to see the assignment feedback.

Workaround: Make the assignment unavailable (Edit Assignment or Adaptive Release) until marking is complete and the grades/feedback is to be released to students. Grade Centre column will also have to be unhidden to enable students to see their grade.