Teaching with the LMS

The University's Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education (Melbourne CSHE) provides research-based professional development programs and seminars to promote high quality teaching and learning at the University of Melbourne. One of the foundations of teaching at the University is the provision of an online subject presence through the LMS. The Melbourne CSHE publication on creating effective subject websites provides information about using online tools to meet appropriate educational purposes.

The University's LMS enables asynchronous, self-directed learning. Learning Environments staff can support your teaching with training, advice and assistance in a number of areas:

Subject design

Information about requesting an LMS presence, setting up your subject and LMS training

Content and copyright

Advice and guidelines about intellectual property of materials on the LMS


Information and advice about the options for online assessments in the LMS

Communication & collaboration

A guide to all the communication and collaboration options available to you in the LMS

User management

Information about managing staff, students, guests and external users in your subject

Index of guides

Complete index of guides to LMS features, in .pdf and animated versions

Workshops and events

Dates for LMS training opportunities

Learning Environments news

Tips, tricks, and current issues from the expert team at Learning Environments