Teaching with the LMS


Online assessment is a powerful method to engage students, encourage learning and test student understanding of subject content. The LMS offers a wide variety of features to support assessment of students. Staff can offer both subjective and objective assessments using the following tools. There are numerous ways to track the participation, engagement and achievement of students in your subject.


You can create assignments on the LMS so that your students can submit their documents electronically where you can easily access them for downloading and/or online marking.

Grade Centre

The Grade Centre allows teaching staff to record and present grades to students through the LMS.


PRAZE lets you create and manage peer review assignments.


The University of Melbourne has a campus-wide license for the Respondus software. Respondus is a Windows application that enhances the functionality and usability of Blackboard's quiz and survey tools.

Tests and surveys

Online tests and surveys may be used to assess the learning occurring in a subject.


Turnitin is an online web-based text-matching software that works by comparing electronically submitted papers to billions of pages of content located on the Internet and proprietary databases as well as the work of other students whose papers have also been submitted into the system. Turnitin Grademark allows online marking of Turnitin assignments. Turnitin PeerMark allows peer review of assignments.