Teaching with the LMS

Communication and Collaboration

The LMS offers a number of features to support communication and collaboration within subjects and communities. The various communication tools can help manage the sharing of information and promote interactions between members.


Each subject or community site has an Announcements page, which teaching staff can use to post information about subject activity. Announcements can include text, images, media content, and links to websites and other files.

Journals, blogs and wikis

Blogs, journals, wikis and podcasts are tools for reflective writing, audio recordings, and collaborative workspaces that may be added to a subject or community.

Chat and Virtual Classroom

The LMS has two synchronous (real time) tools for online communication within a subject or community.

Discussion Board

The Discussion Board is an asynchronous communication tool, allowing messages to be posted and read at any time.


Email can be sent to members of a subject or community via the Email tool. This feature facilitates selective communication with various combinations of student and staff users based on their role in the subject or community.


Groups may be created within an LMS subject or community for the purposes of communication, collaborative work or administration.


The LMS Portfolio tools allow individual users to build a collection of items that demonstrate achievements and capabilities. Portfolios are presented as a web site that may be made available for viewing by selected individuals or members of a subject or community.

Providing individual files to students

You can choose to provide individual files to your students via a single folder in the Content Collection, for example to provide unique data sets or feedback for assessment tasks. All you need are files names with student ID or usernames and permissions can be automatically set so that only that student has access.

Sign-up lists

A sign-up list can be added to a subject or community to provide students with a means of signing up online for group work, tutorials, essay titles, projects, etc.